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IndiPatterns: Remaking my Diaper Cover Sewing Pattern

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Remaking my Diaper Cover Sewing Pattern

Since this month's theme is getting organized and setting goals, I'll share another one of my goals.  I want to remake/update most of my patterns.  For some that will only mean making new cover art samples.  But, for some of my older patterns I plan on fully remaking tutorials and pattern pieces.  I decided to start off with my baby patterns because I have a couple of babies and toddlers I can be sewing for right now.  It's part of my larger plan to "unify branding across all platforms".

So back when I first started, I had a very random name for my patterns.  After a while I realized that people thought it - was information technology.   When I first started making patterns there wasn't as much competition and the industry wasn't as sophisticated.  Here's my original cover.
 Then, about 4/5 years ago I decided to remake the cover with a more eclectic fabric mix.  I went with the white background.  It's actually really a pretty diaper cover.  But, there is nothing on the cover that brands it as mine.  I'm going to move my old pattern to my $.99 pattern category over in my craftsy shop.  It's still a great pattern and tutorial.  To purchase the Ruffled Diaper Cover Sewing Pattern click here.    
ruffle diaper cover sewing pattern
Also, my previous pattern was hand-drafted.  I actually don't mind hand drafted patterns.  I takes me back to the original way patterns were made and I often make things from ancient magazine articles where they gave you a sketch and some measurements.  
ruffle diaper cover sewing pattern
 But, I have gotten much more sophisticated in my pattern drafting and I really enjoy computer drafting my patterns now, especially for scalability.  Here is a sneak peak of the new computer drafted pattern.
diaper cover sewing pattern
Hopefully, I'll get the remade pattern in the shop this week.  I plan on adding my new logo to all my cover art and photos.  
sewing pattern logo

I'm also planning on eliminating the ruffle in the newest version.  I want to have something a bit more versatile for my favorite new thing, the cricut.  So, I'm making a plain pattern with the possibility of embroidering on the tush or using iron on vinyl from the cricut.    

If you want to check out a couple of other versions of the diaper cover, click here.  

I'll post the final product on the blog once it's complete.  Wish me luck.

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