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IndiPatterns: 50 Things to Make from Your Mismatched Socks

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

50 Things to Make from Your Mismatched Socks

After looking at the laundry basket full of orphaned socks we have, I decided to put together this tutorial roundup of loads of things to make or do with your old socks.  There are so many great things I never even thought of until I started this roundup.  I love how creative people can be.
  1. Bean Bags - from A Little Tipsy
  2. Long Winter Gloves - From Ruffles & Stuff
  3. Fingerless Gloves - From Cut Out & Keep
  4. Armwarmer Gloves - From At Home In Sussex
  5. Dog Chew toys - from Ehow
  6. Tiny Dog Sweater - From Dogs We Luv 
  7. Pin Cushion - from Unfortunately Oh!
  8. Cleaning Rags - From Money Saving Mom
  9. Bunny Slippers - From Violet Le Beaux
  10. Pot Holders - From Phinnywood
  11. Paper Pieced Soft Ball - From Recycle Crafts
  12. Legwarmers - From Hand Maid Liset
  13. Barbie Clothes 
  14. Sock Snowmen 
  15.  Home Dec. Chair Remake -From Design Your Revolution
  16. Coffee Sleeve - From Parents
  17. Scarf - From Charlotte's Fancy
  18. Sock Elephant - From Fretta
  19. Sock Bunny - From Crafting Hazard
  20. Sock Monkey - from Super Sock Monkey
  21. Sock Catterpillar - From Danielle's Place
  22. Sock Dog - From Danielle's Place
  23. Sock Cat - Danielle's Place
  24. Sock Reindeer or cow - Danielle's Place
  25. Sock Vase Remake- From Craft Stew
  26. Sock Wreath - From Whip Kits  
  27. Stocking Ornament - From Sara Sweet Surprise
  28. Doughnut play food-  From Rook No. 17
  29. Beanbag Cradle for your Camera -a great substitute for a tripod for use on bumpy or other unstable surfaces.  Fill the beanbag with rice of bean and then set your camera inside to steady it.
  30. As Bands to How Yarn - From Citric Sugar
  31. Use to polish your shoes
  32. Homemade hacky sack - from Planet Green
  33. Fill with rice or lavendar and make an eye pillow or other soothing pillow. - From LiveStrong
  34. Use as a soap holder for the garden or bathtub.  Helps scrub off the grime and keep the soap from slipping out of your hands.
  35. Draft Dogger from old tights or knee socks. From Re-Nest
  36. Save old socks to wrap up items when moving or fragile Christmas Ornaments.
  37. Fill with potpori for drawers or closets. From Wondertime
  38. Make a sock frog.
  39. Make a cat toy buy filling with catnip.
  40. Use to store golf balls, tennis balls and other small toys.
  41. Use them to make wrist rests.
  42. Use over ice packs.
  43. Make a sock purse. from Ehow
  44. Make baby legwarmers. From Ehow
  45. Extend the Life of Pajamas - Save the top part and sew them onto the arms and legs of children's pajamas to extend the usage of the pj's. 

  46. DIY Chia Pet - From MaddiesMinnions 

  47. Hobby Horse - Horse on a Stick : - How to make a Horse on a Stick, a good toy for older toddlers (a few of the steps may cause a choking hazard). This is a perfect activity for children four and up, however would require adult supervision. from Ehow

  48. Weave a Jump Rope - With this classic finger-weaving project, kids can get a jump on outdoor playtime by recycling their old socks and outgrown tights into a colorful homemade toy.

  49. Lunch Money Holder : - With this clever change purse, your child will be able to keep all his cafeteria cash up his sleeve until he needs it.

  50. About 50 more tutorials for making socks puppets, dolls, and other kids crafts can be found at ArtistsHelpingKids.

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At November 29, 2011 at 6:02 AM , Blogger Kristy said...

Very clever list! Just saw a snowman like that in "real life" yesterday and it's so cute!!!

At September 6, 2015 at 7:09 AM , Blogger Sale Manager said...

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