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IndiPatterns: Couture Diaper Covers - Creating the Pattern

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Couture Diaper Covers - Creating the Pattern

I decided to try my hand at rumba ruffled diaper covers.  First, I made mine completely different and EASIER than the other covers I saw.  You can probably make my basic cover in 1/2 the time simple because there is so much less sewing.  Less sewing also equals less trimming and less mess.  I layered up the ruffles instead of putting each ruffle on individually. 

I couldn't stop with just the simple ruffle butt cover, I had to take it to a new level.  First I did to the TUTU cover.  Which is just sew cute.  Then I decided to add some iron on t-shirt transfers to it.  But, I will say, this would also be so cute if you reclaimed an old t-shirt or embroidered top to make the cover. 

Then, I had an epiphany.  Why not combine my love of steampunk/goth/Victorian inspired altered collars and t-shirts into the but of these pants?  My final pair is silk.  The bottom is embellished with 5 layers of silk and tulle ruffle and then I added handcrafted silk flowers, pearls, chains, and charms.  This is so sweet.  I only wish I wasn't out of pearl strands.  I still have two awesome diaper ideas left.  I'm going to do some fleece or jersey covers with faces on them and then I am going to do an homage to altered t-shirts on another.  But, like everything, I have to do it all today.  By the end of the night I will be totally over diaper covers and on to my next pursuit. 

This project really shows how you can take 1 basic pattern and make so many different things.  All three of these covers are totally different. 


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