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IndiPatterns: Our Preschool Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Preschool Thanksgiving

Thanks to some awesome tutorials, we had a blast at the preschool Thanksgiving "feast". 

I made the paper bag popcorn turkey, corn on the cob cupcakes, and a preschool staple - carrots. 

 Here is the turkey.  The kids loved it and it was so easy and cheap to make.  Here is the tutorial.  It took about 10 minutes to make this turkey start to finish.  I used air popped pop corn to make it healthier but I'm sure premade or microwave would work just as well.

 These are mini muffins.  For my version, I used M&Ms instead of jelly beans.  They are cheaper and the kids like them better.  I also just make the cupcakes in the mini muffin pan because I didn't want to give every preschooler a huge cupcake right before lunch. 

Here is the inspiration version made in full size muffin tins with jelly beans.  You could actually get more of the oval shape with the M&Ms too if you poked them in on their sides instead of flat.  I used chocolate chip muffin mix so the chocolate buttons went better with the flavor.  I think that the whole batch was about $5.00 and it only took about 30 minutes.  The mini muffins cook in 10 minutes, then I pop them into the freezer to cool them and then I just tinted a tiny bit of premade frosting yellow.  The tutorial is here.
Here are all of our happy Pilgrims and Native Americans after their big feast. 

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