Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Serger Thread on Sewing Machine

 Sewing Hack

I love to use serger thread for many of my projects.  Let's face it, serger thread is cheap.  The giant spool is $2.00.  You can put it on you standard sewing machine with one simple trick.  Slide the serger thread over a small spool.  You can see below that I have a used standard thread spool on the machine.  I put the serger spool on it.   Works like a top.
I am aware that serger thread isn't that strong.  I only use this hack when I'm making doll clothes or kids clothing for the most part.  Things that are not going to see that much wear and tear.  When I make heirloom quality items I use normal spools of thread.

However, when you are whipping up a skirt for a class party or making a couple of little outfits for your kid's doll there is no need to waste your best thread on those projects.

I also have a 2nd sewing machine where the thread holder is horizontal.  I use the above Thread Nanny Single Cone feeder on that machine.  Totally worth $12 if you ask me.  It was a gift from my lovely sister.  I didn't even know they existed until I unwrapped it on my birthday - Along with a orgnaizer and some thread keepers.  I guess someone didn't like my previous organizational method of throwing all my thread into a basket and then complaining every time because all the thread ends were tangled up.  ;)


  1. I used serger thread in my machine and it filled it with lint. The reason it is cheaper is because it is not as strong. A serger uses 2-3 threads so strength isnt an issue.

  2. I agree, but when you are sewing something like doll clothes or shorts for a toddler that are only going to be worn a few times, I don't see any reason not to use less expensive thread. I don't use it to make garments for myself. Plus, I clean my machine regularly.

    1. I have used serger thread for many years without a problem of strength nor lint... machines NEED regular cleaning anyway to stay in tiptop shape... plus oiling them when you clean them


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