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IndiPatterns: Organize Your Sewing Stash Round-up

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Organize Your Sewing Stash Round-up

I don't know about you, but I can always use a little more organization in my crafting.  Things tend to get pretty messy pretty quickly when I'm working on a project.  My favorite organization hacks are here


Check out this fun and easy way to organize scraps.  

I actually use something very similar in my studio.  I bought 12 $ store plastic shoe boxes and I have all my scraps organized by color.  Actually, it works so well that I have been using up most of my scraps, especially when I applique or make doll clothes.  There is no excuse when you have it organized.  


Okay this one I haven't done, but I will be.  I just love this.  Right now I have all my bobbins dumped in a kitchen drawer organizer and there is thread everywhere.  I am so doing this.  I'm always digging around trying to find a bobbin in the color I want.  I probably have 10 bobbins wound in black because I don't always want to look.


I also love this.  Right now I have my feet in the same place as my bobbins.  PS I saw these at Dollar Tree.  I know where I'm going tonight!


I love the idea of organizing your buttons in a spice rack.  I'm going to be on the look out for one of these.  


I also love this idea.  If I only had somewhere to put it.  I'm currently using baskets for my thread.  


This is a nifty tutorial I put together about floss keepers made from $ store clothes pins.  I actually made a few sets of these and gave some as gifts.  They really keep your floss perfectly organized and untangled. 


Last but not least, how can you organize your fabric?  I used to keep it in bins.  What a pain.  I still keep fleece in bins because it is obnoxiously bulky.  For everything else, I fold it onto tiny white boards called comic book backer boards.  These things are sturdy little boards that are archival quality...so they won't fade fabric.  It's about $5.00 for a hundred.  I have them in 2 sizes.  I have the size they come in and then I cut about 50 in half to make tiny boards for pieces of fabric that are too big for the scrap bin and too small for the regular mini bolts.  I took me about 4 days to get my massive stash rolled onto these things but it was worth it.  I can see all my fabric.  It makes completing projects so easy.  Most people seem to organize by color.  That works well if you sew mostly with cotton.  Since I work with all types of fabric, I've got my stash organized by fabric type, not color.  So, if I need a knit I know were to look.  Same with denim, special occasion, etc.  

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