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IndiPatterns: Hitting the Wall: How to Unblock Your Creative Self

Friday, March 10, 2017

Hitting the Wall: How to Unblock Your Creative Self

I originally planned this post to be about inspiration, but when it came down to writing it I just didn't feel it.  I wasn't feeling creative or inspired.  

I'd hit the wall so to speak.

People hit walls for lots of reasons.  Sometimes I'm tired.  Sometimes I've just pushed myself too hard.  Sometimes I'm just coming to the end of a highly creative cycle.  As a naturally creative person, I usually only work on things when I 'feel it'.  However, when your business also involves creativity, that doesn't always cut it.  Sometimes you've got deadlines or goals you are trying to reach and you just have to find a way to push through.

Here are some of the techniques I use to unblock my creative flow.  


My go to inspiration place is Pinterest.  If I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas, the first thing I do it jump over to my happy place and start looking.  

Sometimes I start a new board and get busy filling it with new ideas.  Other times I pull up boards I've already made and take a walk back through past inspiration.  If you want a look into my pinning, you can follow me.  https://www.pinterest.com/smckamille/  I'm on pinterest almost every day looking for some inspiration.  

If pinning doesn't get my creative juices flowing, I know it's time to get away.  I'm not talking about a vacation.  I'm just talking about getting out of the studio and decompressing.  One hour outside can really get your mind cleared out and ready to start fresh.  Even in the depths of Michigan winter I get out walking several times a week.  

Go Off Subject
Sometimes, it's not even about not feeling creative.  It's about being burned out on doing the same old thing.  I'm always looking for new craft ideas.  I recently spent a whole weekend and I'm not even going to get into how much money starting a bullet journal.  I'm in love with this new mashup of planning, journaling, and art.  Just taking a couple of days to unleash another creative side to myself go my chi unblocked.  I actually made 2 new outfits this weekend because getting organized with my bullet journal freed up the part of my brain that's endlessly trying to remember what I need to do.  I just bit the bullet, wrote out my whole calendar, and now my mind is free to focus on creative things and not obsess about missing appointments.  

Another great thing about going off subject is that sometimes you need to have a breather.  I've never been one to focus solely on one creative pursuit.  Look back through my random posts and you will see.  One of my favorite projects was this Daddy Daughter Dance Corsage.  I'm not a florist, but I had a blast looking up tutorials, getting the supplies, and making this adorable corsage.    

So there you have it.  Those are my three go to techniques for getting creative.  

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