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IndiPatterns: St. Patrick's Day Cricut Made Cup for Teacher with free Printable

Saturday, March 11, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Cricut Made Cup for Teacher with free Printable

I decided to whip up a little early teacher appreciation gift this year.  My daughter has been sick constantly and her teacher has just been wonderful helping get her caught up.  I found these little drink cups at the Dollar Tree and added some rainbow sixlets and rolos.  It's much cuter in person.  Getting a good photo of a shiny cup just isn't my bag.
free st. patricks day printable and cricut project mug svg
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 Step 1: Prepare the mug's surface by cleaning off all the oils from everyone who's touched it with rubbing alcohol.  Also bought this stuff at the dollar store.

Step 2: Cut out the design.  I used a design I created and put the teacher's initial in the center.  I use easyweed vinyl and follow the setting instructions that come with it.  It's pressure medium, blade depth 3, speed max for my machine.  

Step 3: Weed your design.  I always use a pin.  It's so easy to get into the little spaces.  Also, I have loads of them and they are cheap.  
Now you can see that the design is totally weeded.  It looks great.  

Step 4: You need to transfer the design.  Yes there is a very expensive product you can use to transfer the design.  Or, you can get clear shelf paper at the dollar store.  I've also heard press and seal wrap works.  Haven't tried it though.
Step 5:
 Peel the clear paper from the backing and place it on the front of the design.  Use an old gift card to rub the transfer paper down onto the design.
Step 6: Peel the design off of the backing.  Now it's stuck to the clear transfer sheet.  

Step 7: Place the design on the cup.  Once you have it where you want it, rub it down with the brandishing tool...i.e. old gift card.
Step 8: Carefully peel off the transfer sheet.  I put it back onto the paper backing and use it again a couple of times.  Waste not want not.  
Finally, I filled it with candy and put this cute little card on it.  I forgot curling ribbon so I used an old gold chenille stem.  

  You can download the free St. Patrick's Day printable here.
free pot of gold st. patrick's day printable label

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