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IndiPatterns: Paint Your Own Corn On The Cob

Friday, November 18, 2011

Paint Your Own Corn On The Cob

Make your own Thanksgiving Harvest at home with your child!
This was so much fun and super easy!!
And look at the cute result!

So I adapted this project from a bubble wrap corn cob that I saw on another blog. I was so excited to get started that I ran down in the basement to get the bubble wrap that I had stashed away only to find out that someone *not my husband* had thrown it away! UGHHH! Determined to do our project I found a length of plastic canvas and thought, I can do this!

So in order to do our version, you will need:
toilet paper tubes
green construction paper or card stock
glue (i used hot glue ~ who wants to wait for it to dry?!?!)
and some paint ( i used yellow and orange)

Cover your surface and your child!
We did our project over a brown paper bag which we later used as a gift bag for Grandma and Grandpa's 40th wedding gift bag! No waste:) I love it!!
Lay your canvas or bubble wrap down and pour some paint on it.
Next, let your little one roll the tp tube over the canvas.  

This really worked well because the paint actually looked like little kernels or corn!

We let them dry.... okay, we blow dried them! What?! I don't like waiting and neither does my 3 year old:)
 Then we cut our our long leaves for the corn husks and glued them on the sides overlapping in the back yet open in the front. And voila!

I had one happy toddler:)
Happy crafting!

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