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IndiPatterns: Need Ideas for a Preschool Valentine's Day Party?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Need Ideas for a Preschool Valentine's Day Party?

Some craft projects

Popsicle stick bug

paper plate valentine holder

Bell Peppers and dip

Rice crispy treats

Mend Broken Hearts

For this preschool Valentine’s Day activity, cut several large hearts out of construction paper. Then, cut the hearts in half using a different cutting pattern on each heart to make them look like broken hearts. Mix the cards up and have your child try to mend the broken hearts by matching the two sides together. You can also play this with older kids by writing a message across the heart and then playing it with a large group. Each child gets one half of a heart and must find his or her match.

I Love You Because

Preschoolers are sweet, so set a timer to three minutes and have your child say what they love the most. You can also have them say things like, "I love my daddy because," or "I love my brother because." See how many nice things they can say about their loved ones.
Pin the heart on Cupid
On a large piece of poster board, draw a flying Cupid with his arrow. Or buy a cut out Cupid and glue it to the poster board. Cut out a small red heart. Stick a piece of tacky tack on the back of the heart. Each child takes a turn being blindfolded and pinning the heart on Cupid's arrow.



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