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IndiPatterns: Craft Hope for Haiti Free Soft Doll Pattern

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Craft Hope for Haiti Free Soft Doll Pattern

For those of you who love Craft Hope and are looking to put together some birthing kits for Haiti, I am going to give you a free soft doll pattern.  This bunny is a breeze to make.  Seriously, 15 minutes tops.  I know, I made about 50 of these.  P.S. they are well loved by kids everywhere.  If you want the full pattern (which makes a larger bunny) with all of the pieces and a step-by-step photo tutorial, you can click here and you will be taken to our etsy shop where you can purchase it.  We will be using all of the proceeds from this pattern to make birthing kits for Craft Hope. 
You cannot get much easier than this for a pattern.  It uses fleece, which is a great material for kids items.  It washed well, holds up to a serious beating, it's cheap, and it's easy to sew.  For this pattern I also used some scraps of cotton to applique on the tummy and for the ears.  You could use all felt if you wanted.  I used safety eyes, but simple eyes from felt would also work for a baby.

The basic instructions are:

Cut 2 bodies from fleece or cotton
Cut 1 tummy from fleece or cotton
Cut 2 ears from fleece
Cut 2 ears from contrasting fleece or cotton
Cut 1 tummy (it's an oval - no pattern piece provided)
Cut 1 nose from fleece or felt (small triangle)
Cut 2 eyes

On one piece of the body, applique on the tummy, nose and eyes.  Stitch on a mouth.

Place your ears RIGHT sides together and stitch.  Trim and turn. 

On the RIGHT side of the Bunny Body Back, put the ears on the top of the head, pointing down so that they will be caught in the seam. Layer the body front RIGHT side down onto the back.  Sew around the bunny body, leaving the bottom (the flat part) open to turn and stuff.  Trim, turn and stuff the bunny.  Stitch the bottom closed with the machine.  You could put a couple of short (less than 2 inches) ribbon loops in there for baby to chew on, but the ears will probably be enough. 

Click here for the pattern

Follow the blog (and let us know with an email to boutiqueit@aol.com) and I will email you a basic tote bag pattern and tutorial.


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At January 18, 2011 at 6:00 PM , Blogger boutiqueit said...

I also wanted to say that these bunnies are so sweet in minky or chenille. Not as sturdy for Haiti, but so soft and cuddly. I made three of these for Kamille and often give them as gifts for baby showers.


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