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IndiPatterns: Burp Cloth Cupcakes - Creative Packaging Idea

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Burp Cloth Cupcakes - Creative Packaging Idea

So, I needed a better way to package up my burp cloths to make them really cute and just a bit more unique.  I mean, there is nothing really special about an all flannel burp cloth.
Here, I combines two ideas that I had.  First, I love the little mini diaper cakes that people are calling diaper cupcakes.  I also like coordinating burp cloth sets.  There is just something extra nice about giving a handmade gift at a baby shower.  If you aren't throwing the shower it is a little weird to show up with a full on diaper cake.
Burp Cloth Diaper Cupcake
Anyway, I made my usual jumbo burp cloths, (I like flannel b/c it comes in hundreds of totally adorable prints and washes well).  Then, I made a diaper cupcake out of about 10 newborn diapers.  Then a "frosted" it with my burp cloths.  It would be really cute to put a huge red pompom on top, but I didn't have any.

I packed the entire thing up in a cake box that I bought at the party supply store.  This one is a huge hit with all of my friends.



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