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IndiPatterns: S'mores on a Stick

Sunday, October 31, 2010

S'mores on a Stick

Our Girl Scout troop recently hosted on a night hayride and bonfire for about 50 people. Which by the way was a super duper fun time! Naturally we wanted to roast s'mores at the bonfire but the idea of organizing 50 people with sticks and hot sugar was not exactly all that appealing. So I came with the idea of a s'more on a stick. They were simple to put together and I only needed 4 ingredients! Bonus:) What's that you say? "Show me how!!" Oh alright!

First you'll need to gather your supplies:
One sleeve of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows, 12oz. bag of milk chocolate chips,
1 tablespoon vegetable oil. a waxed paper covered cookie sheet or tray,
and a microwave safe bowl, and some lollipop sticks or toothpicks.
Actually, little twigs would be super cute to use... darn thought of that one too late!

Now you are ready to begin!

Cover the tray that you are going to serve them on with wax paper and then line up all of your mallows like so.

Then, insert put a lollipop stick in each mallow. I made 50.
Next, take your chocolate chips and pour about 3/4 of the bag into a microwave safe bowl with
1 tablespoon vegetable/canola oil. Microwave the chips and oil in 30 seconds increments until melted.

Place 1/2 a sleeve of graham crackers into a zip lock bag and smash with a rolling pin until you like the size of your graham cracker pieces. I left quite a few small chunks.

Now you should be all set up to do these babies assembly line style like below.

Now it's just a dip in the chocolate...

Followed by a dip in the crushed graham crackers....

And you're done!!! These little yummies got a ton of compliments at the bonfire and were pretty tasty!

If you have a kitchen torch... which I desperately desire, *wink* *wink* if your reading mom;), you could brown the tops of the mallows for a toasted effect!

I served mine right off of the same tray that they were made on so I only had to clean up once. Just throw out the wax paper and voila your done!

With all of the holiday vacations coming up for those of us with little ones. This would make a great project to do with your kiddos during a family camp-in. Just set up a tent in your living/family room. Turn off the TV. Get out the flashlights. Tell some ghost stories. Make a pretend fire. And roast your s'mores on a stick!

Sew up a camp out set for your little one with our easy S'more Fun Campout pattern.

Happy Crafting!!!

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