Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Handmade Halloween Costumes

Handmade Halloween Costumes are my favorite.  It's really too bad that somany mom's just cannot sew anymore.  I remember in school that almost everyone hada handmade costume.  If your mom couldn't sew, you wore a box and were a robot or you taped socks onto your outfit and you were static cling.  Nowadays, Halloween has been hijacked by the huge corporations to be just another way of selling the brands.  Plus, the imported costumes are so cheaply made.  They are like wearing a dryer sheet, which is crazy for the $20 a cheap costume costs. 

Belle is a witch and her costume is a t-shirt dress.  Her whole costume with hat and tights cost under $10.00.  Kamille is Little Bo Peep.  It was probably about $15.00 to make just because there was so much fabric.  Plus, instead of the solid pink costume they sell, I got to make a vintage inspired costume patterned from classic nursery rhyme illustrations.  Maggie was a purple hippo with her snowsuit underneath - $3.00.   

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