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IndiPatterns: Green Organic Health & Beauty Recipes

Monday, October 25, 2010

Green Organic Health & Beauty Recipes

If you haven't looked up our post on green cleaning products, you should.  It was by far the most popular post we ever did.  So, I was inspired today to put together a green, organic health and beauty post.


Love to Know has loads of organic shampoo recipes for all hair types.  Here is one of their great recipes:
  • 2 cups strong, hot chamomile tea
  • 3 tablespoons grated castile soap
  • 1 tablespoon glycerin
  • 5 drops of essential oil of choice
Place the grated soap in a bowl. Pour the hot tea over it and let stand a few minutes. Whisk in the glycerin and the essential oil. Pour into a bottle and keep in a cool, dark place.
Place the flowers in a bowl and cover with the boiling water. Let stand for 15 minutes, and then strain into the other bowl. Clean the first bowl. Combine the soap and hot infusion in it. Let stand until the soap softens -- a few minutes. Beat in the glycerin and food coloring until well blended. Pour the mixture into the bottle. Keep in a cool dark place.
  • For brunettes a tea of rosemary or sage can be used.
  • For redheads a tea of calendula will bring out the highlights and shine.
  • For gray hair a rinse made of betony will take any yellow out.


Making your own conditioner is a bit harder.  You really have 2 main options, eggs (which are cheap) or yogurt.  I would rather die than stick a raw egg on my hair, but that's just me.  So, you can make an organic yogurt conditioner by combining yogurt with essential oils. 

Another option is to combine ¼ cup olive oil,¼ cup vegetable oil, ½ cup water, 2 tbsp honey and boil on stove. Immediately remove from heat and allow to cool. Transfer into a spray bottle. Spray on wet hair and wrap hair in towel for 15 minutes. Remove towel and rinse. Store conditioner in a cool place between uses.

If you want to get more complicated, you can use this great recipe to make your own traditional style conditioner.  Plus, easyaromatherapyrecipes tells you exactly what types of herbs and oils to use based on your hair type to make this recipe custom for your needs. 

Basic Natural Hair Conditioner Recipe

natural hair treatments


  • 2 tablespoons (30ml) Carrier Oil (i.e. olive oil) for your hair type
  • 1 tablespoon (3-4g) Emulsifying Wax
  • 1/2 tsp (2.5ml) Vitamin E (or 2 capsules)
  • 1/2 cup (125ml) distilled Water or Herbal Infusion
  • 5 drops Grapefruit Seed extract
  • Essential Oil Blend for your hair type


  1. Stir together the oil and emulsifying wax in the top part of a double boiler, warming slowly over a low heat until the wax is melted. Remove from heat and pour in the Vitamin E.
  2. In a separate pot on the stove or in the microwave, gently warm the water or herbal infusion just until lukewarm.
  3. Slowly pour the water into the oil, stirring constantly with a wire whisk until the mixture is thick and smooth.
  4. Stir in the essential oils and the grapefruit seed extract. Pour the natural hair conditioner into a clean, sterilized 8oz (250ml) dark glass or PET plastic bottle and allow it to cool before putting the lid on.
  5. Shake the bottle occasionally as the conditioner cools to prevent the ingredients from separating. Store in a cool, dark place.
A whole lb of emulsifying wax is only $6.50.  So, making your own organic conditioner is a huge money savings. 

This would make a great Christmas gift to give sisters or moms.  You can even make up your own custom labels. 

Shower Puff

Joy 2 Sew created a great tutorial on this crocheted shower puff. 

You may also want to check out this post from Salihan Crafts to see how to reuse your old netting shower puffs. 

Skin Care

Sugar Scrub - this stuff is great for moisturising skin and exfoliating. 

The basic formula is:
1/2 cup sugar and enough cold-pressed oil (olive, wheat germ, peanut, corn, or sunflower) to dampen the mixture

Healing Scrub
Basic formula + aloe vera, vitamin E oil, or vitamin c crystals, essential oils for aroma

Holiday Spice Scrub

1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup white sugar, oil to moisten (try a nut oil), cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg

Coffee Lover Scrub

Basic formula + 1/4 finely ground coffee - plus this one will wake you up!

For all of the sugar scrubs, you want to store them in an airtight plastic or glass container.


There are lots of great moisturiser recipes out there.  Ezines has a great article with some super simple moisturizer recipes.   

Super Simple Moisturizer
With only 2 necessary ingredients, this one is a breeze. Mix 1/4 cup pure aloe vera gel (directly from plant) and 2 tablespoons organic vegetable glycerin. This amount is for use over the entire body. Use immediately because aloe vera gel begins to lose potency immediately. For added effects, you can add 3 or 4 drops of your favorite essential oil or you can add 1/2 teaspoon of active royal jelly for anti aging effects. Active royal jelly must be kept refrigerated to remain active and can be found in refrigerated sections of health food stores.

Make-up Remover

2 tbps aloe vera + 1 tbsp jojoba or olive oil

2 cups non-fat dry milk + 1 cup oatmeal - grind this into a powder in the food processor or coffee mill.  Save in a glass jar.  To remove makeup, mix in water to form a paste.  This mix not only removes makeup, but is an acne fighter as well. 

Also, I saw a girl on etsy selling organic cotton non-disposable make-up remover pads.  Basically, she crocheted little circles to use over and over again.  How simple and fun of a gift for someone.   So, you can click here to get the directions for crocheting your own circles to make permanent make-up removers. 

Organic Nail Polish
If you mix a fine powdered henna with water to form a thin paste (not runny) you can use it to make your nails light pink.  Apply with a brush being careful not to hit your skin.  Let it dry and then rinse away with warm water.  It will not chip, but just fade away after several days.

Natural Nail Polish Remover

Vinegar + Lemon Juice = a natural nail polish remover.  It takes longer to remove the polish, but it will break down the polish and you will be able to wipe it off.  You can soak your nails in the mix or apply to a cotton ball.

Homemade Lip Balm

  • Small Glass jars with lids (or containers of choice)
  • 4 Teaspoons Jojoba Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Essential Oil of Choice (For Fragrance)
  • Cheese Grater
  • Piping Bag

    The Recipe

    1. The first step is to grate the beeswax, take the cheese grater and the beeswax and grate until you have approximately three teaspoons.
    2. Heat the jojoba oil and the beeswax together until melted. Stir occasionally until it has reached the desired consistency.
    3. Remove from heat, still stirring so all of the ingredients combine as they should.
    4. Add a drop of essential oil(s) of choice.
    5. While the mixture is still warm, pour mixture into piping bag so you will be able to evenly and cleanly distribute the lip balm mixture into the containers.
    6. Evenly pipe the mixture into containers and let sit for an hour so the lip balm will set evenly.
    7. After your homemade lip balm is set and no longer has the jelly consistency you may attach the lid, and enjoy your homemade creation.
    Read more

    I’ve made adjustments to my homemade toothpaste recipe. We had used the old recipe for awhile, then switched back to Tom’s of Maine until I finally got off my butt and experimented with new measurements and flavors. There seems to be a short adjustment period with stinky breath when making the switch; I haven’t quite figured out why. Anyone know?
    Homemade Toothpaste
    Here’s the new recipe I’ve settled on for now; “parts” equals teaspoons for me:
    4 parts baking soda (Or was it six? Dang!)
    2 parts hydrogen peroxide
    2 parts water
    1 part aloe vera
    1 part vanilla extract
    I’m storing it in a small jar that used to hold yeast, cuz how else can those tiny jars be reused? And yes, I really am using vanilla extract. The peppermint flavor from the last toothpaste recipe was a bit blech for me. In all honesty, I don’t taste much vanilla at all. I might increase it next time. Or I might skip it all together. I only wanted to use it up so I can start using my homemade vanilla extract!
    Another option is:
    Homemade toothpaste3 tbs baking soda (bi-carb soda)
    1/2 tsp salt
    approx. 1 tbs water
    20-30 drops peppermint extract or peppermint essential oil

    * Mix the bi carb soda and salt thoroughly, then add the water a little at a time to form a paste. Add the peppermint extract and combine well. Store in an airtight container.

    Click here to see more of this great blog.
    Also, please do not leave comments about your personal feelings about using baking soda or peroxide on your teeth.  People should discuss the recipes with their dentists. 

    PS - If you are wondering what Castile Soap is, it's soap that is made from 100% or nearly 100% olive oil. 

    Homemade Herbal Shampoo

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