Friday, October 29, 2010

A Couple of Last Minute Costumes

Well, I decided that I was guilt ridden over Maggie constantly wearing Kamille's old Halloween costumes, so I wanted to make something for her. 

I picked up a fleece remnant for about $2.50 and turned it into a purple hippo costume. 

The dress is your basic pillow case dress pattern.  You cannot get any easier.  I was out of pink ribbon, so I used some pink tulle.

The hat, which you don't get a very good view of,  is essentially a rectangle that I stitched eyes and ears onto.  The back is an oval, about the size of the back of her head with an elastic channel across the bottom to help keep it on. 

Kamille was a ghost for her preschool party.

It's a t-shirt with a ghost face stitched down in felt, a tutu, and the crazy striped pantaloons.

Maybe, someday, she will actually smile in one of the photos. 

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