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IndiPatterns: A Play Little Kitchen Makeover

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Play Little Kitchen Makeover

I took a little break from sewing this weekend to redo my daughter's play kitchen.  Previously, she had a plastic princess kitchen.  It went into the garage to be played with in the yard next summer.  Totally useless is how I would describe it.  The door fell off every time she opened it.  For the first few days, the novelty of the singing stove was great, but after that there just wasn't enough to do.  It was ultimately a waste of $100.00.  So, my mom found this little wooden kitchen set for $15 at a thrift store. 

It was white and getting pretty beat up.  I decided to give it a restyle with some paint.  I had a gallon of blue and a gallon of pink in the basement.  I started with that.  Then, I used cheap craft paint to create a simple design.  It's not my best paint job.  I could only find foam paint brushes.  I just don't know where all of my good brushes went off to.  Anyway, I really covered up how warped the doors were with this busy paint scheme.  I made the polka dots with the brush handle.    I finished it off with some marine varnish.  I want to wash it without the paint coming off.  I actually let Kamille roll on most of the pink with a mini roller.  She was thrilled.  I think that she still has paint in her hair, but she was so excited to get to use the paint roller like a "big mamma".  I still need to put the handles back on, but it's about 95% finished.

Great Recycled Cabinet Redo
This is a really inspiring project made from 2 cabinets purchased from a salvage yard.  Click here for the full play kitchen project.

You really could use any old cabinets to make up a little play kitchen.  Even a couple of those built it yourself closet organizers would work so well with a little paint and some wooden shapes and knobs. 

 Here is another really cute idea for a DIY kitchen with what you have.  This would be a great kitchen for a really little toddler or for outdoors.  You could bring it into the garage in the winter. 

This is from www.ohdeedoh.com/.../020910-mia-play-kitchen.jpg

Wood Working Plans 

I also found these great plans, available for $9.00 to make your own set. 

Family Fun had another great idea for a play kitchen that uses a laminated shelf and 2 shoe racks. 
Click here for the free tutorial and play kitchen plans.

Felt Food

Don't forget to go green and safe and make some great felt food for the kitchen. 

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At September 28, 2010 at 9:22 AM , Blogger Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Very cute! My granddaughter has a wooden stove - I've crocheted many a veggie for her to cook! I have a small stove at my house, but may have to look into something bigger like those you've posted! Great finds!


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