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IndiPatterns: Free Tutorial Fridays - MONEY

Friday, September 3, 2010

Free Tutorial Fridays - MONEY

Check in with us every Friday to get your free tutorial/patterns.  I thought that Friday was a perfect day to find a great weekend project.  You can sew the money double as I did for added durability or make it a single layer if you don't sew.  You could also craft fuse the layers together or hot glue (high temp).

This week's project is a little thing I worked up a few months ago, felt play money.  Also, I realize that this isn't a step-by-step photo tutorial, but on this project, I figured that cutting rectangles and circles should not involve photos for every step. 

I hate that paper money you get at the store.  It ends up ripped, wet, and in the garbage in a couple of days.  This is a really cheap and easy project.  You can make as many pieces as you want and it is a fun way to teach young children about counting and money.  This is also a fun addition to a play kitchen or store.  This would also make a nice donation to your child's preschool classroom if you have a little extra time over the weekend. 

I started with felt-by-the-yard.  I use polyester felt due to my severe allergy to wool (which is not uncommon).  Felt squares will work too, but they usually are not as nice as the yardage. 

Step 1

I cut out 6 bills (doubled) that were 4.5"x3".  Like I said, you can make more if you want more money denominations or more money to play with. 

 Step 2

Then, I cut out many circles in dime, nickle, penny, and quarter sizes.  This is pretty simple, just trace around a few circular objects in your house to make circle shapes.  I would make the shapes larger than standard money or they will just get lost. 

Word to the wise, sizzix makes an awesome circle die cutter for your cuttle bug or sizzix and you can cut felt with it. 
Step 3

Then I sewed everything together.  This is the point where you have some options:

a) just use a single layer - this will not be as durable but it will still make your child happy

b) use fabric glue to glue two layers together - you can probably even use Elmer's white glue because you are not going to wash these

c) use high temperature hot glue - high temperature hot glue will hold fabric together practically forever - be careful not to burn yourself - this stuff gets very hot and will blister your finger - I speak from experience

d) finally, you can use craft fuse - you can by it by the yard - you want doubled sized - lightweight or medium weight is fine.  - you can also by it in a convenient roll package that is at Walmart, Michaels, JoAnn, & Hobby Lobby in the craft area - its normally in with the sewing notions 

 Step 5

Once you have the pieces together, you want to print the money template on t-shirt transfer.  I actually use the transfer for white t-shirts on the dark felt.  The dark transfer will leave a white background.  The light transfer shows the felt color through.  Make sure to mirror image the print so that the writing doesn't go on backwards.  You can also design your own money with your child's face, name, etc.  That would be so much fun for them and might be a huge motivation. 

Get the full size image on flickr

Step 6

 Follow the directions on the transfer to iron down. Make sure you use a sheet of paper over the transfer. Felt will melt onto your iron if it gets too hot. That's why you need to use plain white paper as a pressing cloth.

Have fun!


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At March 17, 2013 at 6:01 PM , Blogger Karen said...

Love this! Thank you so much for sharing! (and for the free printable!) I can't wait to make this for my kids!


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