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IndiPatterns: Craft Show Booth Design

Friday, September 3, 2010

Craft Show Booth Design

I thought that it might be fun to post some photos from our last craft booth setup.  We had not done a show in a few years, so we needed to come up with a dare I say, cheap, set-up. 

I think that this turned out pretty well and I plan on using the idea again with a few changes.  The basic booth set up is that I used 2 sheets of heavy pegboard (because I have it in the garage) cut to 2 foot x 4 foot panels.  Then, I zip tied them together onsite to make the zigzag walls.  On top we put a 10' long shelf on each side.  When I use this next time, I am going to have laminated poster board where you see the fabric with samples of my items stuck down with velcro and a place to write in the prices with dry erase marker.  We had both scrapbooking and baby/kids crafts showed into the booth.  I actually like to get 2 spots, but this was last minute.  The 1st day everything was mixed together.  The second day we got there early and divided the booth in half.  The 1st day we had the monster hanging on the back of the tent.  We barely sold any.  No one wants to look through things with you sitting there.  On day 2 we put the monsters on the front on the booth.  They sold like hotcakes. 

We also put the radio flyer filled with monsters at the front of the booth so people could really look through.  The front also has the flip flops and bows.  These really brought people into the booth.  I just wish I had made adult sized flip flops, not just kid's.  Behind that I have all of the baby stuff and then doll clothes.   
On the shelf we displayed our felt play houses. 
This is the front of the booth on the scrapbook side.  I actually brought shelves to put art, jewelry boxes and paper bag albums on.  It worked out better than I had hoped.  This side really drew in the tweens and teens. 

The suit case was filled with paperbag albums with themed dividers.  It sounded great, but didn't work well in reality.  Next time I am putting shelves with samples from each theme on an easle with similar albums hanging from bags underneath. 

This was part of the baby stuff I was trying to get rid of.  I used my daughter's old moses basket and people did look through it. 

This is the display for our custom t-shirts for dolls.  I had each design labeled with shirts packaged under the table. 

 On the last day, we used our table to display the felt food, so we did sell more felt food that day. 

All in all it was a decent design for being cheap down and dirty.  I think that we worked out some kinks and got a really good idea for the next show of what worked and did't work.

It actually was more colorful the 1st day as I had giant butterflies hanging up, but they got ruined by the rain.  It was sopping wet the entire time, which made it a little difficult, but that is what you get with outdoor shows.   

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