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IndiPatterns: My Little Lady Bug

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Little Lady Bug

This outfit was inspired by a client who needed lady bug wings for Halloween.  I pulled together a few things from my daughter's closet for the photos - i.e. her old Christmas tutu, a Valentine's day shirt, and one of our hair bows.  I just love taking the photos in my mom's garden.  The flowers are wild and just give so much color to our pics. 

I saw an idea a while ago for plush wings and I made it my own with some serious alterations.  First, I use fleece for my wings.  It is soft.  It doesn't run or snag.  Most importantly, it is made from recycled plastic bottles, so I feel like it is environmentally friendly as well. 

Five Little Ladybugs

Five little ladybugs climbing on some plants,
Eating the aphids, but not the ants.
The first one said, "Save some aphids for me."
The second one said, "They're as tasty as can be."
The third one said, "Oh they're almost gone."
The fourth one said, "Then we'd better move on."
The fifth one said, "Come on, let's fly!"

So they opened up their wings and they flew through the sky.

These little wings would be so cute for Halloween, Valentine's or a b-day party.  My daughter loves to wear them around the house.  If you don't want to go all glam glam you could go with a black skirt or pants and a plain top.  Totally cute. 

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