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IndiPatterns: Gifts for the Musically Inclined

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gifts for the Musically Inclined

This post is inspired by our little brother who will soon be releasing his first EP.  Lisa & I are both so proud of how far he has come creatively.  Seriously, he used to color only in black.  Once, he drew what I thought was an ice cream cone.  He got really angry because it was a baby in a blanket.  Who knew?  You can check his music out here.

This is an ingenious idea - a cover for your old guitar strap.  Awesome.  Pink unicorns might be a bit girly, but I think that something screen printed with his band's name would rock his world.  The tutorial from Prudent Baby is here. 

For those who are old school and still rock the cds, check out the sewing tutorial for this car cd holder.  Looks like a great stash buster to me.  Click here to find the tutorial from Puking Pastilles. (Fun fact - I lived across the street from one of the most famous pastilles factories in France.  They are yucky =).

For the kids, I love these DIY rhythm instruments.  The tutorial is from my all time favorite blog Skip To My Lou.  Check it out here.
Check out this record bowl tutorial.  Everyone likes these and they are pretty much a free project if you have any old records.  Plus, you can always find old vinyl at thrift stores cheaply.  Having a recovering hippy for a mother, we have made many a record bowl around our house.  Love em.

This is fun little project.  My mom made me a few record purses several years back and everyone loved them when I carried them around.  Her design was much more complicated than this, but I like this tutorial.  Mod Purse tutorial here.

Another fun thing to do with old records is to make cuff bracelets.  They are easy to cut with a dremmel tool.  I have made about 100 of these back when I was doing craft shows.  They are really fun and people love them.  This is a great teen and tween gift item.  Depending on how you decorate them, they can end up being quite chic.  Check out the video tutorial from the Naughty Secretary's Club here.
This final one isn';'t a tutorial but an inspirational piece showing how creative you can get with the old records.  I love this and I see it being created as a Christmas gift for someone I know.  You can check out the designer's etsy shop here.

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