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IndiPatterns: Ground Hog Day Cupcakes

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog Day Cupcakes

I thought that it would be fun to make some little groundhog cupcakes in honor of Ground Hog's Day.  Plus, I am thankful that he didn't see his shadow this year.  I'm not sure if I believe spring is just around the corner and neither is my back after shoveling all of the show we got last night out of the driveway. 

So, I started with a basic chocolate cupcake. 

 Then, I laid down a base coat of chocolate frosting.  This is just store bought frosting to make life easy. 
 Then, I made the teeth.  The teeth are created by cutting a little white chocolate wafer down. 
 Then, I used 2 dark chocolate (milk chocolate will work too) wafers for the ears.  I just jammed them into the frosting. 
 Then, I stuck the tooth into the frosting.
 Next, I placed on 2 more wafers for the cheeks.
 I used a pink conversation heart for the nose.  See how I placed it upside down with the writing face down.
 Finally, I used some white frosting that I put into a ziplock bag and piped on the eyes and the whiskers.  For the centers of the eyes, you can use more of your chocolate frosting (I dabbed it on with a tooth pick) or you can use chocolate chips. 

I think that they turned our pretty cute for a super fast cupcake decorating project.  Kamille certainly enjoyed them.  This would be a very fun preschool snack.  You could use a muffin instead of the cupcake and use chocolate cream cheese instead of the sugar frosting. 

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