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IndiPatterns: Glitter Scarf Tutorial

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glitter Scarf Tutorial

My niece and daughter are totally obsessed with glitter/sequin scarves.  Those things are expensive.  I personally have a hard time justifying spending $15-$18 on an accessory for a 3-yr-old or even a 7-year-old.  So, this Christmas, Lisa and I made up a bunch of the scarves at much more affordable prices.  I have a NO SEW and a LOW SEW version of the scarves below.  JoAnn and Walmart both sell a fabric they call confetti dot fabric.  It comes in about 10+ colors.  The fabric is about $6.00 a yard (but you can score it for much less with a coupon or buy purchasing a remnant).   

 Because this fabric does not run or fray to speak of, you can make a really cute scarf by just cutting an 8" strip.  If you cut anything narrower, it tends to roll (which makes a nice scarf for American Girl Doll).
I also made a doubled version by cutting 2 8" strips and stitching them together.  I left the ends open for turning. 

These scarves a played with/worn around here everyday.  The single scarf is about $1.00 and the double scarf is about $2.00 (when you buy the fabric with a coupon).

I made the no sew scarves a couple of years ago as party favors for my niece's glamour makeover birthday party.  They were a hit. 

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