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IndiPatterns: Altered Clipboards

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Altered Clipboards

I love altered clipboards.  Don't ask me why, its just one of those weird things I like.  Here are some really great tutorial on making altered clipboards.

Personalized clip board tutorial
Cynthia Ewyer made this great countdown calendar clipboard.  This could be some cute for a birthday.

This is a great little teacher thank you gift from analteredstateofmind:

MishMash made this great altered clipboard also teacher themed.  What I love about this clipboard is that it uses cork board and has a place for sticky notes.  Plus, she used altered clothes pins.  Yes, I do love them and yes I know it's sick.

You can also use these little clipboards as adorable photo frames, esp. for teen or tween rooms.  This is a great craft project for young crafters.  I've done a few myself, mostly Twilight and other photo clip boards.  Add some magnetic strips to the back and you've got a great little locker organizer.



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