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IndiPatterns: Valentine's Day Felt Fortune Cookie Tutorial

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Valentine's Day Felt Fortune Cookie Tutorial

I thought that these felt fortune cookies would make a great little Valentine's gift for your little one or as a substitute for cards or candy favors. 

You need to 1st trace out your circle.  I used a CD and it may seem large, but it actually makes an ideal sized fortune cookie.  In the spirit of Valentine's Day I used pink felt, but brown is also cute.
 Cut out your circle.  A single layer works perfectly.  If you use a double layer of felt you will get a cookie with more body.

You have 2 options for the message.  If the cookies are just for fun as decorations or for a play kitchen, you may want to use cute ribbon as the tag.  White gros grain ribbon also works.  Cut about 2" of ribbon and fold it in 1/2.  Secure with hot glue or tack it with a stitch. 
 I hot glued this project together, just for the sake of time.  You can sew these by hand or with your machine as well.  I made these for my cat and filled them with catnip and those I machine sewed. 

Run a line of glue around 1/2 of the circle.  Make sure you have glue on top and on bottom of the ribbon tag.
 Fold the cookie in 1/2 and let it dry. 

The other option is to make a paper tag that the recipient can pull out.  In that case, you don't want to get glue where the hole for the tag needs to be.  See how I marked out the space around the tag.  You would glue where the dashed line is. 
 Then, you fold the cookie in 1/2 and let it dry. 
 Finally, you need to put a dot of glue in the center of the cookie and fold it.  You can either hold it until it dries or pin it closed with a clothespin. 

The tag will come in and out so you can write lots of notes to your little one for his/her lunchbox. 

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