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IndiPatterns: Ultimate Caramel Apple Tutorial

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ultimate Caramel Apple Tutorial

I thought that this would be a great tutorial this week.  First, I just happen to love caramel apples and it is apple season.  Secondly, people love to receive edible gifts, especially at the holidays.  These deluxe caramel apples make a great hostess gift for parties, gifts for friends, co-workers, teachers, etc. 

To make the apples you need to melt the caramels according to the package directions.  Use a bowl that isn't much bigger than the apple. 

Dip the clean apple into the caramel.  You will probably need a spoon to coat the whole apple. 

If you just want nuts, you can then roll it (while the caramel is hot) around on a plate of nuts.  I also think that rolling it in granola is great.  It's kind of like an apple crisp caramel apple. 

Today I made a TURTLE APPLE.  After dipping it in the caramel, I rolled it in pecans.  Then I dipped it is melted dark chocolate. 


For this apple, I dipped it in white chocolate, rolled it in cashews and cranberries and then drizzled more caramel and dark chocolate over the apple. 

I love the look created by making a bow onto the apple stick.

It is also really fun and colorful to roll them in sprinkles.

When you add nuts, you will get a lumpy apple.  For the really smooth look, stick to chocolate or caramel.  Another great idea that is really cheap and easy is to use frosting.  If you take a jar of premade frosting and microwave it for about 15-30 seconds so that it starts to melt you can dip the apple in it.  This is a nice option for little kids because it is much softer than caramel. 


I made 6 apples for $20.00.  I know that sounds pricey, but it was mostly due to the cost of the nuts.  Also, I have left over nuts, so it really was more like $15.00 for 6.  Gourmet apples purchased at the store or online start at $11.00.  The pecan version that I made is about $19.00 an apple online.  Same with the cranberry version.  So, basically you are making 6 apples for the price of one. 


Smores - Graham Crackers, mini marshmallows and milk chocolate
Black Forest - Caramel, dried cherries, and dark chocolate
Buckeye - caramel, rice crispies, and peanut butter
Rolled in Caramel Corn
Rolled in Chopped Candy Bars
German Chocolate - coconut, caramel, and chocolate
Rolled in M&Ms
Rolled in Crushed Cookies - Oreos, Pecan Sandies, etc.


At Mrs. Prindables, you can pay $30.00 and get an apple with a little stuffed animal on top.  You could easily do this yourself.  They also put flowers on the sticks.  Another idea would be to make an edible figurine out of fondant or modeling chocolate.

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