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IndiPatterns: Pumpkin Pop Tarts ~ Free Tutorial

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Pop Tarts ~ Free Tutorial

A big thanks to my good friend, Autumn Rae, who sent me a link to these adorably delicious Pumpkin Pop tarts over at The Family Kitchen!!

You see Autumn is one of my most talented pals who is most famous for her Maple Bacon Cupcakes. And let me tell you her fame is well deserved. Those cupcakes are sinfully delicious. If your in the Ann Arbor area you should give them a try;)
But in the meantime, you can make my awesome version of these cute little pumpkin pop tarts. Thanks for the inspiration Autumn!!

So after recovering from laying on the couch all weekend sick, I was ready to make something seasonal and warm to make up for our missed cider mill trip. You've got to admit, having the flu stinks! And the first thing that came to mind was these pop tarts. I didn't have any pumpkin on hand so I decided to wing it.  And here's what I came up with:

I put them together while my two year old was taking her nap. They were super easy and best of all, I used what I had on hand and it worked!!

You will need:
one egg white
small amount of flour
refrigerated pie crusts (you could make your own too!)
assorted fillings (I used caramel ice cream topping, lemon curd,  and preserves)
Orange sugar
cookie sheet
pumpkin cookie cutters
rolling pin
pastry brush

Preheat you oven to 400 degrees.

Unroll pie crust onto a floured surface. Cut out your pumpkin shapes.

*These would be cute for a birthday breakfast too. Try cutting them into cupcake shapes.*

 Next cut out the face.
I used an exacto knife that I use for cutting fondant. A parring knife would do the trick. I also tried out some of my small gum paste cutters. I like the way the teardrop cutter gave the pumpkin personality!

Each pop tart will need an uncut bottom and a cut face top. I got 6 pop tarts out of one pie crust, the box made 12!

Then I filled each pumpkin with a small amount of filling spread from the center out.

Next, I topped the filled bottom layer with a face topper. With a fork I pressed along each edge of the pumpkin to seal the tart closed.

Finally, using my pastry brush, I brushed the top of each pumpkin with egg white and then sprinkled the top with orange sugar. You could skip this step if you like.

Don't have any orange sugar? Don't fear! Just place some granulated sugar in a zip lock baggy with a couple of drops of orange (or yellow and red:) food coloring and mix until colored!
Easy Peasy!

Bake for 8-10 minutes on an ungreased cookie sheet. Cool on a rack and enjoy!

Happy Baking!!

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