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IndiPatterns: Old Pattern New Booties

Monday, September 13, 2010

Old Pattern New Booties

So, the giant cupcake tower of booties just wasn't enough for me.  I finally got around to taking this $2.00 vintage find and making a pattern from it.  A few months ago, I found a half finished pair of kitty slippers at a little antique store in the bargain cabinet.  The pins were so old that they were stuck in the slippers from all of the rust.  But, I persevered and ripped the old straight pins out (I probably need a tetanus shot now) with a pair of pliers. 

They were huge.  Probably a child's size 4-5.  So, with a few tries, I changed the patterns to a few different, smaller sizes.  I have to admit, I was actually dreaming about all of the possibilities with this pattern: animals, people, robots, personalized, buttons, etc.  I made 10 pairs so far today. 

This pattern is deceptively simple.  What I love about it is that there is no chances of missing something when you are sewing.  I cannot tell you how many pairs of baby booties I have thrown out or seam ripped apart because of missing a small spot when sewing.  I don't really like getting the top to match up with the bottom and sewing in a circle isn't all that easy.  These have 2 straight seams.  You can top stitch the entire pattern, no turning.  Awesome!

Elephants were my first try, mostly due to the 2 yards of grey fleece I have lying around.  This is actually pair 2.  Pair 1 looked more like mice.  I'm just going to cut the trunk off and put on some whiskers.  Then they will be mice.  That would be so cute with a little Cinderella inspired night gown. 

I made this set with a butterfly and a flower.  I only made these single thickness because I thought that Kamille would love them for dress up with one of her fairy costumes.  

I also made monkeys.  I wanted to show a girl and boy version.  I really love to add a little extra touch on all of my girl things.  I had these weird zebra print flowers lying around and they really went well. 

Then, I wanted to see if I could use something other than fleece or felt.  Yes, this pattern is great if you fuse regular fabric onto felt and then top stitch together.  I came up with these really adorable 1st birthday shoes.  I haven't finished with this yet.  I'm thinking monograms and maybe mommy & daddy's pics for really little babies. 

My finale were these totally adorable pixie toes.  I sewed a ribbon for the bow right into the seam in the back.  Sew simple :).

Next stop----Halloween!



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