Saturday, February 4, 2012

Animal Party Gift

9:20 AM

We have a birthday today and I thought that I would make up a couple sets of these little animals.  Kamille is completely obsessed with putting collars and leashes on her little pets.  So, I came up with the idea of using hair rubber bands to make the collars so I didn't have to constantly keep tying ribbon onto these little animals.  While I was at the Dollar Store picking up the hair bands, I also got those little plastic barretts shaped like bows for the animals ears, the clippy barretts to make earrings, and the ribbon for the leashes. 

 Last time I used some charms on the collars that I had in my stash, but I lucked out and found a pack of hair rubber bands that already had charms on there.
I just took a decent length of ribbon and hot glued it into the hair rubber band, covering the metal closure part.  Then, I looped around the other end and glued it into a handle like a leash would have. 

For the earrings, I took the little clippies and hot glued flowers and other doodads I had around the craft room onto them to make sets of earring.

I also made mini pet beds and outfits.  I will try to post the tutorial for the outfits with the pattern later this week. 

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