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IndiPatterns: Valentine's Day Mini Top Hat Tutorial & Pattern

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Mini Top Hat Tutorial & Pattern

Everyone knows that I have an unhealthy love of mini hats.  I decided to throw together this super simple hot glue special for Kamille's Valentine's Day party at preschool. 

Here is the pattern, not that you actually need a pattern to cut out a heart, circle, and rectangle, but sometimes it is nice to have everything right there for you.

Click here to get the full sized version for printing.

I just used red felt I had in the studio, but stiffened or glitter felt works too. 

 I just glue along the rectangle and roll it up.  Since this is a mini hat, there really isn't any reason the stitch it together. 
You will end up with a roll that looks like this.

Then, glue on the top of the hat.  I just trim around it if there is any extra hanging over.

Glue both layers of the heart shape together.  Then, glue to top of the hat onto the heart.

Finally, you can embellish the hat.  I just used a tiny white feather (to cover up the seam), a fancy button, and some ribbon.  Finally, I glued it onto a clip.  You can put it onto a headband, comb, whatever you prefer.



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