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IndiPatterns: Felt Food Tea Bags Tutorial

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Felt Food Tea Bags Tutorial

This is a fun little tutorial I put together for my daughter's play kitchen.  She loves to run a cafe and serve up all of her customers tasty treats.  Normally she makes me coffee - if that says anything about how much coffee I actually drink - but I wanted to make some tea bags for her to play with.

So I just started with those organza jewelry bags - you get 4 for a $1.00 at the dollar store.  I cut the ribbons out of the bags by just snipping off the end and pulling them out.

I just cut out a rectangle of black felt and placed it in the bag to represent the tea leaves.  I wanted to use chunky glitter or confetti, but we only had red, so I went with the black felt.

Then, I put one of the ribbons I pulled out of the bag into the top and stitched the sack shut. 

 Finally, I stitched down a small square of felt for the tab.  I would have ironed some little gems or monogram applique on if my iron was working.  I guess that three years of using it every day while sewing has finally burned it out. 

So, here is the set of 4 that I made.  On a side note, this would be a super cute project for a baby shower favor or bridal shower favor filled with bath salts instead of felt. 

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