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IndiPatterns: Neckwarmer Tutorial

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Neckwarmer Tutorial

This is a really easy project from the scrap bin.  I think that it took about 15 minutes.  Plus, it would make a nice gift for any child or adult.  P.S. I am trying a new format for the tutorials on the blog and trying to shrink the photos and make the tutorials easier to read and print out. 

I used fleece because I had a little scrap perfectly sized for this project.   
1) Cut a rectangle of fleece (or jersey) about 12"x24".  (8"x18" for a child's size) 
2) Using a piece of double fold bias tape about 14" long open the tape.  Fold over the raw edge about 1".  3) Pin in place down the length of the scarf.  Fold the bottom edge up and pin so that there are no raw edges on the bias tape.
4) Stitch down both sides of the bias tape and then down the middle using the crease as a guide.  Do not sew the ends shut.  They need to be open so that you can thread the ribbon.
5) The easiest way to thread the ribbon is with an elastic threader.  This little gadget costs about $3.00 and is worth every penny.  If you don't have an elastic threader, you can use a safety pin hooked through the end of the ribbon.  Start at the bottom. 
6) Go up through one side and then down through the other side. 
7) As you can see, you will have the ends of the ribbon hanging out of the bottom of the scarf.  Pull on the ends evenly to gather up the scarf. 
8) Fold the scarf RIGHT SIDES together and stitch up the side seam.  Trim off any excess.
9) Tie a bow in the ribbon at the bottom of the scarf.  The easiest way to keep the ribbon from fraying is to seal it with a lighter. 
10) Finished neck warmer. 

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