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IndiPatterns: Mismatched Socks - Some Tutorials

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mismatched Socks - Some Tutorials

So while I was putting together the spring cleaning roundup, I got inspired to make a whole roundup of things to do with mismatched socks.  I don't think that I could use all of our mismatched socks if I had a whole lifetime to devote to the pursuit, but here are some fun projects anyhooo.

Sock Bangle

Sock Monsters
Sock Wreath
Sock Rattle
Sock Vases - these are awesome.  I never knew I needed to make these until I saw this post.  I'm think that this idea + character socks of my daughters + old pringles cans or plastic cups = fun crayon holder/desk organizer.

Barbie clothes  I'm sure we did a tutorial on this last year, but it is really fun.  I even let my daughter, then 3, make some herself.  Who cares?  They are made from mismatched or outgrown socks.  What could go wrong.  Plus, they are really easy to get on and off, so you will not be barbie's personal dresser for the day.

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