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IndiPatterns: A Trio of Valentine's Treats Tutorial

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Trio of Valentine's Treats Tutorial

This is a little Valentine's Day Tutorial Trio that I put together.  I have a conversation hearts white chocolate bark, a heart candy bar, and finally, a delicious strawberry cream liquor filled chocolate shot. 

Conversation Heart Bark

Candy bark is a very easy and affordable treat to make and give away or just eat yourself.

For this bark, I melted some white chocolate candy coating (but you can use any white chocolate you want - disks, chips, etc.).

Next, I poured the white chocolate into a small dish. 

I placed my conversation hearts around making sure they were print side up.

Then, I sprinkled on some colored sugar.

Next, you want to put it into the freezer for about 5 minutes until it hardens.

Once it hardens, you can break it apart into nice sized chunks. 

Two Hearts Candy Bar

For this little chocolate car you need both white chocolate or candy coating and pink candy melts. 
Grease a small ramekin or cookie sheet lightly with butter. 

Next, you want to melt your white chocolate and a small amount of the pink candy melts until they are nice and smooth.
Put the white chocolate into your little ramekin.  Put the pink chocolate into a small, sturdy sandwich bag or piping bag.

Snip off the end of the bag so that you can squeeze out the chocolate.

 Pipe dots of pinks into the white chocolate.
Next, you need to take a toothpick or skewer and marble the chocolate by dragging your toothpick around through the pink into the white.  Then I piped two large hearts in pink and ran the skewer through the middle of each to give it a marbled effect.
Place it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to harden it up.  Then, pop it out of the mold.  If it doesn't want to come out you can run the bottom of the ramekin under a bit of hot water.  Finally, I wrapped it in plastic wrap and tied a bow around it.


These little shot cups are soooo sweet but soooo good. 

First you melt your pink candy melts.  Then you need to fill a mini cup mold (you can usually find them online or at Michael's and JoAnn's.) 

The cups should be partly hollow inside, but they do not have to be perfect.  No one will see the inside.  I usually brush on a thin layer of chocolate, freeze the cups for a few minutes, and then brush on another layer.  This will give you a sturdy cup.

Then, I fill the inside about 1/2 way with strawberry cream liquor.  You could also use vodka, coffee liquor, or even that delicious chocolate red wine.  It really depends on your tastes. 

Next, I seal the top of the cups with a nice big twist of butter cream frosting.

Finally, I decorated the little cups with a conversation heart.  I think that these would be adorable at a bachelorette party too. 

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