Monday, January 3, 2011

Snowman Milk Glasses

So, this morning I was freakishly checking Bakerella's blog (like I do everyday!) and the first thing I saw almost made me choke on my coffee!
These little snowman milk glasses have got to be the cutest edible thing that I have seen in some time! How easy to put together!!
My kids would flip if they woke up to these this Saturday!!!! or anyday for that matter:)

She suggests using these glasses from Target.
Even better no trying to track down the cute little glasses!! Please leave a comment with pic if you decide to try this one out!! I'd love to see hwat you all come up with! This would make a great preschool Valentine's treat if glued somke heart shaped button to the front of the glass. Or just make it easy and slap some cute stickers on the front!

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