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IndiPatterns: Regretsy - Where DIY Meets WTF

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Regretsy - Where DIY Meets WTF

I had a moment of panic when I saw that somehow our shop was getting traffic from www.regretsy.com, but I literally looked at every single to make sure that we had not actually been featured here.  However, it is exactly what the slogan says.  Some of the stuff is sick, some is weird, and some was made by people who should not craft. 

Actually, even though they are mocking poor crafters who a trying their best, it is for a good cause.  To date they have raised over $25000 for charity.  Some people are actually proud to be featured there.  Anyway, it, along with www.sleeptalkinman.com, are 2 of my favorite funny website. 


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