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IndiPatterns: Momma Loves Her Coffee

Friday, September 24, 2010

Momma Loves Her Coffee

Another night of nebulizing Kamille has left me in the fog that I really believe only other moms can understand.  It's only 9 am, but I have actually already been awake for 4 hours.  Sad - I know.  I still haven't made it through my first cup of coffee.  I should put a poll on our blog - how many times have you nuked your cup today?  If I actually got to drink a delicious, hot cup of coffee that had not been reheated about 6 times throughout the morning, it would be like having caviar for the first time.  I really wouldn't know what to do with myself. 

Anyhoo - I came up with this great little treasury featuring some lovely coffee themed items that would make great Christmas or birthday gifts. 

'Coffee - A Love Story' by c1h8r9is

I truly could not decide if this should be titled, coffee - mommy's little helper instead. But whatever the case, you can see what kind of morning I'm having. Thank you to all of the great artists out there who make etsy possible and check out this treasury on my blog www.boutiqueit.blogspot.com.

Upcycled Modern Sta...

Single Sample of Ha...

Coffee Bean Bag - B...

Autumn Spirals Mug ...

Honey Yellow Cup Co...

Coffee stain (set o...

Hand Knitted Finger...


CAFE MOCHA coffee i...

Fun Coffee Bean Bow...

large - Zombie Love...

COFFEE cup Vinyl De...

Coffee mug and bean...

the Cocoa Bean Clut...

Carved Monogram Mug...


Plus, here is a fun breakfast idea for kids.  I started doing this a few years ago because my niece was using so much syrup on her pancakes. 

I start with organic, locally milled buckwheat pancake mix and I add flax seed meal and wheat germ.  No one in our family complains and the are many benefits to the flaxseed meal. 

I add in the milk and make tiny pancakes, about 1".  One great plus is that these cook really fast so they are great for hungry little tummies. 

Then, I either make a tiny stack of pancakes or put out a little ramekin with a touch of syrup in it.  (They really barely use the syrup this way.)

By the way, mini pancakes cold, topped with whipped maple butter and some bacon crumbles make yummy appetizers.  You can also top them with whipped cream and fresh fruit, preserves, etc. 

Good morning and Happy Craftings!

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