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IndiPatterns: A Fun Little Recycling Project for Old Records

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Fun Little Recycling Project for Old Records

Somehow, I managed to acquire about 200 old records that were warped in a fire, but still in good condition for crafting.  So, I started using them up making all sorts of crafts: records purses, bowls, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

But, then I had all of the covers left over.  I saw an idea for making a tote bag with the covers.  I tried a few versions, but I wasn't really into it. 

So, I came up with another idea.  I used my 2 hole punch  to make a songbook/notebook/sketch book out of the records.  On the right of the paper, because of the big space that is left over, I stitched down a strip of elastic to hold pens/charcoals, etc. 

I did another version where I punched through the side multiple time and laced it up with ribbon. 

Just thought I would share this little idea.  I know it isn't really my normal sewing patterns and tutorials, but like any true crafter, I cannot be pinned down to just one medium.

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