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Friday, August 21, 2015

PDF Sewing Pattern Reusable Produce Bags

So we recently took the most amazing trip to Wilderness State Park on Lake Michigan. I'm totally in love with the place.   Blue water, blue skies, sandy beaches.  Love.
Unfortunately, the beach was full of plastic.  It made me so sad.  I watched one dad spend about 2 hours pulling plastic bags and plastic strapping out of the surf while his kids played.  Anyway, it got me thinking of even more ways I can get rid of disposable plastic in my life.  We don't drink out of plastic and we use glass storage containers.  I make reuasable snack bags and lunch bags.  I searched around for some more ideas and I discovered people making reuasable produce bags.  Mind blown.  After a couple of days of tampering around with it, I've come it with a nice pattern.  I took some of the ideas out there, made some adjustments to make an easier, cheaper, faster product.  I've come up with three sizes of small drawstring bags.  
The reinforced bottom bags in a small and large size for bigger produce like kale, carrots, celery.

 Also, this is my favorite, the elastic tie bag.  There is loop of elastic in the seam.  It's quick, lightweight, and sew simple.
This sewing pattern and tutorial is available for instant download to you computer. The full color photo tutorial comes with step-by-step instructions for creating 3 sizes of bags in three styles. You get the large and small reinforced cotton bottom bag. And the small and mini drawstring and elastic closure bags. These bags weight nothing and are great for the farmers' market or grocery shopping. Why throw away hundreds of flimsy plastic bags from the produce section every year when you can make your own reusable, durable bags? I was really inspired to make this pattern by my last trip to Lake Michigan. The waves were full of plastic bags :( These bag bags are quick and easy to sew. Even a beginner can make this pattern. They are incredibly cheap. I made about 25 varying sized bags with 1/2 yard of cotton, 12" of elastic, 1 spool of ribbon, and 3 yards of netting. That made the bags about $.40 each. This is also a great way to use up cotton remnants you have lying around. The bottom the bag takes about 6.5" in length for the large bag, so you don't need much of a scrap to make these bags. 

You do not need special tools or machines to make this pattern. No serger required. You can make this bag on a standard machine. The sample is made from netting and cotton. These bags take about 10 minutes or less each to sew. The inside seams are fully finished with an overcast zigzag to prevent fraying. 

Check out my craftsy shop for more of my patterns.

Can I sell items made with this pattern? Yep. Just do not share my pdf pattern please.