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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bakerella's Snowman Treats

I finally got around to making these adorable snowman treats for the preschool snack.  Instead of shoving jimmies and other candies into the doughnut for the face, I just piped it on really quickly with some icing I had in the fridge.  I tried the jimmies and they just broke in half.  I used some sticky gems from the scrapbook section for the buttons.  Basically, I shoved the doughnut into the straw.  Then I placed all of the donut/straw things into a sheet cake pan.  Then I piped on the faces.  I made a couple of extras in case of disaster.  Then I brought the empty "milk bottles" (They are Starbucks cappuccino things from Target.) and the milk separate.  I put them together right before snack at preschool.

The kids really loved this and it was a huge hit.  I served it with carrots as well.  The only complaint I would have is that this is WAY too much milk for a preschool snack.  Making these for 8 kids used almost a gallon of milk and over 1/2 of it went in the trash at the end or snack.  I am going to re purpose this idea at Easter and make bunnies with the same basic concept.  I might use cookies or carrots for the ears.  I need to look around to see what will work the best.