Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Few Tutorials for a Cold Fall Day

8:20 AM
Fire Wood Carrier

This is actually a post office carrier, but I think that if you double the length of the handles, it would make a great tote for firewood.  I would hate to show you mine, which is ugly grey and not at all cute, but it gets the job done.  Plus, this is a great sewing gift for a Dad.

Check out Elsie Marley's blog for the complete firewood carrier tutorial and more.
Fire Starters

This is a great idea and it involves mostly recycling.  Check out Junk Sophisticate for the full fire starter tutorial and find out how to make your own simple fire starters with a little lint, an old egg carton, and some wax. 

Again, I've been wanting to put up a tutorial on the slanket/snuggie for a while, but we are in full craft show mode so there is no way I can get my tutorial up.  I used multiple fabrics and added a pocket just to make it more fun for the kids, but instructables has a nice basic kid's snuggie tutorial. 

Hot Cocoa Mix

Vanilla Joy put together this great little tutorial on hot cocoa mix.  I think that this would make a nice simple gift in a hand thrown mug for the bus driver or teacher. 

This is a little cold weather favorite of mine.  You can see why.  Check out the recipe over at Barbara Adams. 

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