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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Sew Along - Fleece Remnant to Baby Doll Sling

I've made quite a few baby doll slings in the past and I also have a really great pattern in my craftsy shop for a cotton baby doll sling.  Unfortunately, I used cheap flannel from Joann Fabrics to make them for my daughter and niece.  I didn't bother to pre-wash it.  The result is that the sling that once fit my dd is now a bit snug.  It still works for smaller dolls, but alas, bitty baby didn't stay in.  Lesson learned - pre-wash your fabrics or you might be sorry  

So, I determined to make a new sling for my daughter and one for my niece in the shortest time possible with stuff I already had around the house.   
 Honest truth, I can bang one of these out in under ten minutes.  I started with a fleece remnant.  I always have several of these around just because.  If you haven't purchased a remnant from Joann Fabrics before, the way it works is that you get 50% the current price per yard.  Most remnants are about 1 yard.  Fleece remnants can be more.  This remnant was about 1 1/2 yards.  So, I got this remnant while fleece was on $2.99 sale.  Then I get the remnant discount of 50%.  That made the remnant $2.25 ($2.99x1.5/2).  I made two slings with the one remnant and had a little left over to make two winter baby doll hats and 1 baby doll scarves.  Not bad for $2.00.  

Step 1.  I cut the fleece down to about 44"x 21".  This size fit my very tall 3rd grader.  For my smaller niece, I made it about 42"x 21".  

Step 2
Fold it in half, lengthwise.  Right sides together.  It can be a little hard to tell on fleece, but there is usually a side that is a little faded.     

Step 3
I measure 14" from the end and pin.  Repeat on both sides.  You can see the little pink pin in the fabric.  It's a little hard to see because this fleece it so busy.   
Then you need to stitch with a 3/4" seam allowance up to the pin.  

Here you can see that both side are stitched 14" from the end.  
 This leaves an opening, as you can see below.  
 Step 4
This is probably the hardest part.  You need to put the ends together.  Basically, reach your hand through one end of the tube to the other end of the tube.  Pull that end back through, until the two tube ends meet - right sides together.  
Step 5
Pin around the perimeter.  

 Step 6
Remove the front bib of your sewing machine, as if you were sewing a hem.  This allows the fabric to easily slide around the machine.  
 Step 7
Stitch around the tube, using a 3/4" seam allowance.  

Step 8
Turn the piece right sides out.  
 Step 9
Next, hem around the opening of the sling.  It's not a requirement.  You could leave the edge raw, but I like it hemmed.  This is why you sewed such a large seam allowance of 3/4".  It gives you plenty of fabric to turn for hemming the opening.  
 Step 10
Finally, I like to stitch up the sides of the opening.  Basically, where you put the pins you will sew straight down.  This makes a pocket.  Now the opening for the baby isn't open all of the way around the loop, so baby stays put in its little sling pocket.  

Final result - a cute little baby doll sling in under 15 minutes.  

If you have a little one who loves baby dolls, check out these great patterns from my shop as well.